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Pool repair in Honolulu

Since 1984 Oahu Pool & Spa has been providing high quality services and professional customer service to the island of Oahu. We're passionate about providing you with incredible service at competitive and reliable prices.

Keeping your pool clean

The most important part of having a pool is, aside from having fun, keeping up on the maintenance and cleaning. Having a pool that isn't clean can be unsafe for you and your family. If you aren't sure whether your pool is up to standards, give us a call and we'll be happy to take a look. You can trust the work we do and the customer service that we provide you.

Pool accessories

Pool accessories are a great way to keep your pool up-to-date and to get the most out of your pool. From filters and heaters to pumps and chemical testers we've got everything you need to ensure that your pool is always running at maximum efficiency and is always safe for you and your family.
Quality pool maintenance in Honolulu


Best pool service in Oahu!

"I live in Reno and own a home in Hawaii. Oahu Pool and Spa services my pool. After trying two other companies, Oahu Pool and Spa was recommended to me by a Realtor in Honolulu. They also did repairs for me and their bid was reasonable and they finished the work when they said they would. These are nice people. I feel lucky to have found them."
- RenoStosh

East Oahu's best pool maintenance

"Thankful to have regular, affordable, reliable pool services in East Oahu. They keep our pool clean and diagnose problems I didn't know existed."
 - Jennifer808
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